About Us

Since its foundation in 2001, B&L has been dedicated to improve Plastic color-printing and laminating flexible packaging materials design, function and quality. As a professional manufacturer we have been specializing in this field.


With its establishment the headquarters in the financial center of the international metropolis of Shanghai in 2010, this is a new opportunity and challenge to cooperation and development with customers. With 15 professional experts who specializing in technology, the company made the strategy adjustment accordingly and paid more attention to production development and international market trends. B&L also wants to become as a leading pack exporter.


With the transfer of the office, a further milestone has been achieved. Since beginning of 2015 the B&L is located in the same building with the France Consulate and Samsung China headquarters, attends to B&L customers with a high commitment to service quality and speed.


Our dedicated production managers, quality controllers and customer service staff are serving Pack Company all over the world, yielding higher customer satisfaction by providing high quality products. With the mission of creating greater value products for our customers, B&L always try to better understand customers' preferences and keep pace with the international market trends. We have the confidence to become your excellent and faithful cooperative partner!

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